Stories I’ve told. (…sometimes they come in poet form.)

300,000 and counting…


When we saw it, we knew it was the one for us, because unlike how I do it, it’s owner, like clockwork, had maintained it and documented it. From regular on schedule oil changes– to timing belts every 70,000 miles; all done and documented. I think it’s because of that we got 150,000 more miles out of it, despite random oil changes, no timely timing belt replacements and no documentation.  (Fair warning, don’t buy a used car from me!) It’s been a great car. Starting out as Pam’s runabout, hauling grandkids and literally, tons of groceries, it rolled up the miles. God is good about giving us the things that take care of our needs.

We lost it once. It got stolen in Sacramento, right outside Rena and Danny’s (Some of our kids) front door. Someone else must have liked it too. Camry engines are a favorite of car thieves. But, after a few months missing, after we had given it up for lost, it came back to us, all in one piece. Sometimes God re-gives us things that take care of our needs!

Since my pickup was a gas hog the car soon became my work buddy, my economical runabout: 30 mpg versus a not so “perfect 10”! It turned into a tools and materials hauler. It got used and abused. It’s been a great car. I really like it. But it’s list of issues is growing. It just turned over 300,000 miles. When you properly maintain them, they say you can get 400,000 miles out of ’em. But this wagon was living on borrowed time, so I determined to run it until it died without pouring a bunch of money into the long and growing list of needed repairs. We’d put that instead into a replacement.

Living on borrowed time makes one thankful and prayerful… 300,000 miles and counting. When I get in the car I say thank you Father for this car, I turn the key, and it starts! Another day running. So I say thanks again. I do another partial fill up, wondering how much gas will be left in the tank when it dies! It’s been making strange sounds like it wants to. But not yet.

But I’ve got to tell you. Something happened to that car at 300,000. A word lit up on the dash that I’d never seen before: “pwr“.  Almost like it had been em-Pwr-ed.   It’s like at 300,000 miles it was supposed to die. But not yet. Not for another day. Another partial fillup. Another day of thanking Father.

It’s now pushing 666 miles over 300,000.

I’m praying for 777 and beyond…


Noah blew it!

Noah blew it.
Let me tell you how. First let’s say creative license does allow a movie like “Noah”  to re-create Noah into a new mythology. Then let’s say it’s O.K. to create a new story. Even if it’s Different from the Old Story.

Bill Mahr, of late night T.V. fame, who doesn’t like God,  when reviewing the movie “Noah”, figures both stories are made up, that both are impossible fantasy. He said Christians are mad at “Noah ” (the movie) because  “…this made up story doesn’t stay true to their made up story.” He’s saying you don’t like the new myth because you still believe the old myth.

“Noah’s” director, Darren Aronofsky, says, “Here’s a New story. It is a bit different from the Old story.” (O. K. maybe he didn’t “say” that. The quote  is an example of creative license.)

And so “Noah’s” director, with (re)creative license, makes up a new myth for those who still believe the “old myth” , creating a planet where man has so blown it, where man is so wicked, he needs to just go away. On this planet man’s wickedness is re-created also… Bad is not necessarily bad when you’re re-creating “wicked”. In our new mythology mining the earth will be “wicked” so rape is not bad until it’s equated to the “mining” of Mother earth. Murder is not bad until you’re eating meat. So yeah… the Murder of animals is bad.

So our new Noah is just the man for the job. He does not rape the earth and he does not eat meat. He can Save the evolved animals for the Creator, and then just go away.

Wait, “Did he just say evolved animals?”

Well yeah. Our new Noah gets it. While on the ark Noah tells his family the creation story, but while telling the story we are seeing a single-cell amoeba-like object  morphing into two cells that eventually become the creatures of the sea. The fish are shown growing feet and walking onto the land as reptiles, which in turn morph into various other land creatures and eventually become a monkey in a tree.

And seeing is worth more than a thousand words of Noah’s telling.

While Noah is telling us about the Creator we are seeing how it happens. And so, in his New story, Noah’s Director merges the theory of evolution into the creation. And Noah understands it. He get’s it. Noah sees the evolution of the animals as a good thing and humans as the bad thing, so Noah’s knife must come out and put an end to man’s ability to re-create.

But, because Aronofsky doesn’t go so far in the movie as to actually show us, his audience, the evolutionary link between man and the monkey, our new Noah (of course) then, doesn’t know about it either:

Oops… Noah doesn’t know about the missing link!  

He raises the knife  to end the possibility of re-creative life for man, not realizing evolution’s  inevitable crowning result is gonna be Man (again). And so, to really make an end of humans he must not only kill his granddaughters, he must kill every living thing on the boat, right down to the amoeba’s… 

He didn’t do it.

Noah blew it!




There was no way she could have known… that someday I’d actually write a poem

Miss Morgan’s Class


 I had to sit clear in the rear

because my name was Wilden

back where it’s hard to stay awake

when someone’s droning Milton

I couldn’t see the words she’d scrawl

while writing on her blackboard wall,

the poems that rhymed

or homework assigned…


I needed glasses even then

when I was young and still quite slim


this is what she said,

if you want to write prose like Milton’s

you’ve got to learn

how to diagram a sentence

it’s simple arithmetic

a subject and a predicate

divided in two


but then she would proceed

to fill her blackboard wall

with diagrams I could not read

or comprehend at all


it’s just something that I never learned

because my name was Wilden

and I was sitting in the back

not paying much attention


Miss Morgan tried, she really did

but I needed glasses way back then

when I was young and still quite slim