What I REALLY was trying to say when I said Noah blew it!

Daily we are bombarded from every direction with new mems and mythologies. On the internet Anything and Everything is Truth. (I don’t care what Snopes says, I saw it on the internet…it must be Truth.) “What’s yours?   Oh really!?   Fascinating!”  “Tell me about it (until I get bored about it and move on).”

It’s like the Mars Hill platform that Paul spoke from, but now it’s like it’s on steroids. It’s accessible (NOW), changeable (already), and mind boggingly deceptable.(Did he mean to say it makes your brain prone to twisted deceptions?) Oh. Yeah…

When Paul introduced a One True God to the Mars Hill culture they (thought they) had every god covered. They were drowning in an endless sea of god mythologies, but, just in case they’d missed one of the god’s, they built a shrine to the “Unknown god”. So, wouldn’t you know it, along comes Paul who claims to know that their Unknown god, their missing god, is the One True God.

“What, Paul… Fascinating. You think you know who the “unknown god” is?  We’re all ears (for a while).”

Paul’s New Story meets their Old story: There is only One True God who is now making himself known through his son Jesus. Paul’s new revelation of a Creator God meets their old deceptions. Many listened to his New Good News Story (Which was God’s Old Story, the plan he had set in place before the creation of the earth.). They listened for a while, but most rejected it and moved on, content with the foundations of their “What’s New” culture.

Here in the West it’s been flipped upside down. And it is much more subtle. The foundations of this culture were built on the Old Story. But our post Christian culture is bored with the Old Story. Discontented. So, what’s New? Now there are so many New Stories, so many newer and cooler mythologies to choose from. And we can check it out now, it’s just a click away, or it’s coming soon to a theatre near us, or we get it whenever we choose through the T.V. or radio next to us.  Choking, thistle like choices, like our New Noah, with licensed creativity it boggles us and twists us, as it is presented to us with all the power of the Big Screen, and it’s big time marketing. Giving all of us new, less boring ways of thinking. Giving us New options. Drowning us in a sea of new mythologies;  new Mythologies(properly capitalized as new Truth) which give ear to the Old Lie, the first lie to cast doubt upon the Old Story:

“…did God say!?

If you eat of that tree you will not surely die!

You will be as God.

So eat.

And then You yourself can determine what is good and what is evil!”


Jesus told us over and over, “Be alert…”

Because Deception is subtle.


There once was a garden

with a Tree by a lake

til’ along came a sneaky snake…


…and that’s all I was really trying to say with how Our New Noah Blew It!


See, Noah Blew It:  https://wildenworks.wordpress.com/category/rwrite/


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