Noah blew it!

Noah blew it.
Let me tell you how. First let’s say creative license does allow a movie like “Noah”  to re-create Noah into a new mythology. Then let’s say it’s O.K. to create a new story. Even if it’s Different from the Old Story.

Bill Mahr, of late night T.V. fame, who doesn’t like God,  when reviewing the movie “Noah”, figures both stories are made up, that both are impossible fantasy. He said Christians are mad at “Noah ” (the movie) because  “…this made up story doesn’t stay true to their made up story.” He’s saying you don’t like the new myth because you still believe the old myth.

“Noah’s” director, Darren Aronofsky, says, “Here’s a New story. It is a bit different from the Old story.” (O. K. maybe he didn’t “say” that. The quote  is an example of creative license.)

And so “Noah’s” director, with (re)creative license, makes up a new myth for those who still believe the “old myth” , creating a planet where man has so blown it, where man is so wicked, he needs to just go away. On this planet man’s wickedness is re-created also… Bad is not necessarily bad when you’re re-creating “wicked”. In our new mythology mining the earth will be “wicked” so rape is not bad until it’s equated to the “mining” of Mother earth. Murder is not bad until you’re eating meat. So yeah… the Murder of animals is bad.

So our new Noah is just the man for the job. He does not rape the earth and he does not eat meat. He can Save the evolved animals for the Creator, and then just go away.

Wait, “Did he just say evolved animals?”

Well yeah. Our new Noah gets it. While on the ark Noah tells his family the creation story, but while telling the story we are seeing a single-cell amoeba-like object  morphing into two cells that eventually become the creatures of the sea. The fish are shown growing feet and walking onto the land as reptiles, which in turn morph into various other land creatures and eventually become a monkey in a tree.

And seeing is worth more than a thousand words of Noah’s telling.

While Noah is telling us about the Creator we are seeing how it happens. And so, in his New story, Noah’s Director merges the theory of evolution into the creation. And Noah understands it. He get’s it. Noah sees the evolution of the animals as a good thing and humans as the bad thing, so Noah’s knife must come out and put an end to man’s ability to re-create.

But, because Aronofsky doesn’t go so far in the movie as to actually show us, his audience, the evolutionary link between man and the monkey, our new Noah (of course) then, doesn’t know about it either:

Oops… Noah doesn’t know about the missing link!  

He raises the knife  to end the possibility of re-creative life for man, not realizing evolution’s  inevitable crowning result is gonna be Man (again). And so, to really make an end of humans he must not only kill his granddaughters, he must kill every living thing on the boat, right down to the amoeba’s… 

He didn’t do it.

Noah blew it!





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