I wanna be like Green Lantern…

Actually I’m supposed to “…wanna be like Mike”and eat Wheaties and drink Gatorade, so that just like in the song by the same name, I can “move and groove like Mike” and make basketball shots nobody else would even try. But I digress already. (And all that was such a long time ago.)  But now, in a new movie, they’ve recycled me a new Hero: Green Lantern.

So now… Now, I wanna be like Green Lantern.

Rocket me up into space to hang out with the Guardians of the Universe and learn how to utilize the Greatest Force available. Yeah…! That’s me with the Power Ring.  A ring that I now can use to create anything I can imagine (for good of course), me, being chosen, a man of free will and strong moral character. And I’m limited only by my imagination and the force of my willpower.  The stronger my will the greater my power (to, of course, defeat Evil)  This is my new destiny!

I wanna be like Green Lantern…

…There was a man in a garden, dripping sweated blood, crying out to the Guardian of the Universe,  “Father,  about this Evil you have asked me to bear… is there another way?” He groaned at the prospect of what was to come,  “Can you take this… from me, Father? How can I bear this…?” It was a  bloody, gory, horror that he was facing: A brutal beating and then death on a Roman cross for the Evil of this world.  “But Father still…  Your will, is my will.  Not my will, but Your will be done.”

Those are the words of a different kind of Hero.  The hero who defeated Evil.

Well, hmm. Just sit me right down. At a fork in the road. And make me choose my Hero:

My Hero Me chooses the power of my own creative will, so I can control my own destiny, so I can choose my own road. “I can do all things.”  It is so normal to choose this way. And I like it! Like a moth drawn to a flame, I like it that way. I have such a strong will. I choose Me.

My Hero He  takes me to the Cross road,  inviting Me to the same cross he faced, and the same choice he made. “Not my will be done.”  It’s a choice between my flesh and the Spirit.”Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me,” he says.  Walk as He walked instead, lay down your will and “…do all things through Christ.”  I have such a strong will. But I choose He.

Two very different Heroes. Two very different choices.


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